Estates (Your life. Your Wishes. Your Legacy.)


Your life. Your wishes. Your legacy.

Note: This is a general overview and starting point, not legal advice. We strongly recommend that all clients seek counsel from a qualified estate-planning attorney before creating a plan and making any decisions.

Estate planning is essential, even if you think your assets are too modest, or feel you have plenty of time to prepare for events that could be years away. Here are just a few of the advantages an estate plan provides:

  • You can make your wishes clearly known, selecting beneficiaries, guardians, trustees and executors. Without a plan, the state may make those determinations — and disagreements among heirs are more likely.
  • Your estate will avoid unnecessary taxes.
  • You’ll likely save on legal and administrative costs.

We have decades of combined experience assisting attorneys and their clients as they are creating estate plans. While attorneys must draft all estate-planning documents, our services often help lower the overall cost of the process.