Estate Administration

Estate administration

Estate Administration

Many people think estate planning is as simple as choosing “who gets what.” Usually, though, there are a number of other things to take into consideration. A thoughtful estate plan can avoid leaving families to navigate the probate system, taxes, and other issues while dealing with the loss of a loved one. Schoen Trust will support your representatives and ensure your wishes are followed by providing a variety of services, including:

  • Serving as trustee and personal representative/executor, if desired
  • Consolidating and transferring assets
  • Reviewing financial documents, including tax returns
  • Managing the household and performing care assessments
  • Administering trusts


Why Choose a Corporate Executor?

Serving as an executor can put an enormous amount of pressure on a family member or loved one. Naming a corporate executor can eliminate that burden. Some of the advantages of naming Schoen Trust include: 

  • Responsive. Having an individual named to settle your estate could be problematic if that individual were to become sick, injured, or have personal interests that interfere with the duties of being an executor. Schoen Trust, as a corporate executor, is always available and responsive to the needs of clients. 


  • Impartial. Naming a corporate executor avoids any potential conflicts of interest between family members. By entrusting the executorship to a professional, you can be sure that the assets of the estate will be managed and distributed in accordance with your exact wishes.


  • Accountable. As a state chartered trust company, our actions are subject to periodic reviews by independent auditors and regulatory examiners. 


  • Experience. Many of the executor's duties require a thorough understanding of estate and tax law. Our team of experienced professionals understand the complexities of estate administration and can provide detailed record keeping and manage the distribution of the estate's assets.