The Schoen Trust Company team is exceptionally well qualified to handle the guardianship process, which often is complicated and difficult for those affected. 

There are two types of court-appointed guardianships — “for the person” and “for the estate.” The former is about protecting someone’s personal and physical well being, while the latter involves more work with a client’s financial assets and property. Both require a delicate approach — those who have been determined to be incapacitated generally do not understand why they cannot continue to manage their own affairs, and in some instances, they struggle with the notion of guardianship. 

We reassure clients that we are acting in their best interests, and alleviate their stress by assuming responsibility for tasks like bill payment, care management and more. Other services include

  • Court appearances: Attendance at hearings and other proceedings for approval of reports
  • Asset investigation: After the appointment is approved, the guardian reviews assets of the client and investigates any irregularities
  • Asset accountability: Management and maintenance of client accounts, bill payment, etc.
  • Periodic accounting: Preparation of accountings and other court-required documents
  • Tax review: Preparation of tax documents for submission to a CPA if needed
  • Estate planning: Implementing court-authorized estate planning

As with trusts, handling the affairs of an incapacitated person is an enormous responsibility, and it is one our staff at Schoen Trust Company takes very seriously. Our two certified professional guardians are required to attend regular education classes throughout the year to meet strict requirements and maintain that certification.