Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work with you if I don’t have an attorney? 

That depends. Estate-planning documents must be drafted by an attorney, but many aspects of estate and trust administration can be managed without a lawyer. We’d be happy to evaluate your particular situation and determine how to best meet your needs.

I’m not rich. Why would I need a fiduciary? 

You should have an estate plan, even if you think your assets are too modest. Dying without a will can leave important decisions — who takes care of your children, who will be a beneficiary of your estate, etc. — up to the state and the courts. And you might also have needs in the future that aren’t apparent right now. 

Can Schoen Trust handle Special Needs Trusts? 

Yes. Engaging Schoen Trust to administer a Special Needs Trust can ensure there are funds and a team of caring professionals available to manage the needs of beneficiaries with disabilities. 

Why would I need a trust? 

The creation of a trust can provide a number of protections for you and your family — as well as potentially reduce the taxes your estate will owe. Since 1978, we have been helping clients give more to their loved ones, and less to the government.

Can I designate you as the executor of my will? 

Yes. Serving as an executor can put an enormous amount of pressure on a family member or loved one. We will ensure your final wishes are carried out.



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